OS Giken Superlock LSD for Subaru Impreza GDB EJ20T Rear


Available on back-order

Available on back-order


OS Giken Superlock LSDs are an extremely strong and durable design, patented in several countries. Compared to most mechanical LSDs they feature more plates with more teeth for greater strength and more progressive locking. Locking under power is 100%. The standard setting is 1.5-way for RWD vehicles, or 1.1-way for FWD models. For 2-way types or other custom settings please contact us.

What makes the OS Giken Superlock LSD so much better than a normal mechanical LSD?

1. Innovative L.T.C.S. (Lock Timing Control System) A spring is built in the pressure ring, and the load is always applied in the direction of closing the pressure ring (the differential locks when the pressure ring is opened). For this reason, if the set load is not exceeded (coasting or light throttle), smooth cornering performance is achieved with the same functions as the genuine open differential. When you accelerate the difference in drive torque between the left and right wheels exceeds the set value so the pressure ring is opened and the LSD locks, transmitting engine torque evenly to the left and right axles. With this function, characteristic of a normal friction plate LSD is eliminated and the low-speed corners can run more smoothly and quietly. The process of switching from a open to locked, or vice versa is much smoother, making accelerator control much easier. (Patents held: Japan, USA, Taiwan, Korea)

2.High capacity disc S.T.S.G. (Spline through side gear) achieves 100% lock The locking performance of a mechanical LSD is influenced by the diameter and number of the built-in disk plates. OS Super Lock L.S.D succeeded in reducing the diameter of the side gear and pinion gear while maintaining high strength by our unique design. By using a spline-through side gear arrangement, the number of discs can be increased by 1.5 to 2 times or more in most models, achieving 100% differential lock. Since no extra slip occurs, it is so smooth that the driver cannot detect the moment of locking.

Driving Advantages of installing Super Lock L.S.D

1. With 100% lock, there is almost no heat generation from the L.S.D. Reference example: Our long-distance test vehicle showed no performance degradation after 150,000km

2. Even during endurance races and long-time continuous sports runs, there is almost no drop in lock rate or initials due to thermal sagging.

3. Drag cars will track straighter. The 100% lock also reduces drive shaft damage.

4. Spec X versions with high initial torque offer more stable and predictable drift performance.

5. Spec X (custom setting) LSD can be ordered with characteristics to suit the driver and vehicle use

6. At the time of acceleration, it locks smoothly without impact, so the car is not unsettled.

7. When exiting a corner, it smoothly shifts to complete lock, realizing high driving stability and traction performance.

8. When the accelerator is closed for corner entry, the LSD opens instantly and is less likely to cause understeer (in the case of conventional LSD, when the accelerator is off, the pressure ring is closed from the cone spring via the friction plate, causing a time lag)