About Us

OS Giken, since 1973

Renowned Japanese racing parts specialists OS Giken Co Ltd have been part of the tuning and racing scene since 1973. In the mid seventies the company first gained notoriety for their twin-cam head design for Nissan L-series four and six-cylinder engines. From 1982 production of multi-plate racing clutches began and these have been the key OS Giken product ever since.

Later OS Giken developed more special racing parts, like the patented Superlock LSD, the RB30 racing engine and OS-88 sequential transmission for GT-R and most recently the patented Grand Touring series clutches. In all cases, OS Giken strives for the pinnacle of durability and performance.


From humble beginnings in 1998 David and Kelly have grown Sleeka Spares into a one stop shop for Japanese Performance parts. Servicing the motorsport community, every day drivers, weekend drivers and of course, early Model Toyota Celicas.

Toyota Celica

An extensive background in Celicas is what started Sleeka Spares. We stock one of the largest range of early model Celica parts, from TA to RA we have a huge range of new and used parts, if you cannot find it on the website contact us!

Sleeka Family

We are a family owned business, run by drivers, from drift to time attack we are actively involved in the motor sport community, we live and breathe it and will strive to help you build, repair or maintain your vehicle