OS Giken STR2CD Twin Plate Clutch Kit For Subaru Impreza GDB/GRB EJ20

Includes required movement alteration kit for OS Giken clutch installation.
Attention: For GRB installation, oil pressure hose parts connected with a release cylinder may interfere with GDB/GRB release movement alteration kit. In this case, please modify the hose parts.


Available on back-order

Available on back-order


OS Giken STR2CD Twin Plate Clutch Kit

The STR2CD twin plate clutch is designed with a lighter pressure plate to make it easier for every-day driving than the TS, TR and R-series clutches.

Power handling is reduced to 500hp at the engine, but with the same response and positive feel as the TR series

It features a billet aluminium cover plate, lighter than standard chrome-moly flywheel and damping springs on thew clutch plates for reduced driveline shock.

Comes with the required bearing/carrier set.