OS Giken GT1CD Single Plate Clutch Kit For Mazda RX-7 FD3S 13BT

Attention: requires MAZDA genuine counter weight (N351-11-521) & 6 bolts (8051-27-236 or 8051-27-235) for FD3S OS clutch installation.
Attention: OS Clutch Release Movement Alteration Kit (Sleeve Assy included) is required for FD3S OS clutch. This listing INCLUDES MOVEMENT KIT.


Available on back-order

Available on back-order


OS Giken GT1CD Single Plate Clutch Kit

The Grand-Touring series single-plate clutch is specially designed for easy drivability and reduced noise, thanks to its patented pressure plate design. This clutch is designed for lightly tuned vehicles, up to 350hp at the engine. For example cars tuned with standard turbo or high-flow turbo. Not suitable for larger turbo upgrades. Features chrome-moly flywheel (lighter than factory for better response), pressed steel cover plate, damping springs in clutch plate. Comes with bearing/carrier set to suit.

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