OS Giken Gear Set GTR 3 Speed + Reinforced Nissan Input Shaft


Available on back-order

Available on back-order


OS Giken Gear Set R33 3 Speed + Reinforced Nissan Input Shaft

Close ratio helical gearset for BNR32 and BCNR33 GT-R gearboxes. Replaces the 1-3 forward gears plus the input shaft. This version can use either a 26-spline GM input shaft spline (same as Holinger), which is larger diameter and much stronger than the standard Nissan 24-spline type. Most OS Giken clutches are available with this spline as an option.

The gears in this kit are rated at 1200hp at the engine, however as the factory Nissan synchros are retained these limit shifting abilities at high rpm so this kit is not recommended for dedicated drag cars aiming for 9 second passes or faster.

This kit offers much greater strength and closer gear spacing than the original gearbox internals, while retaining smooth shifting and quiet operation. Ideal for highly tuned street cars. Note that the kit is designed to suit the final version of this gearbox, used in the 1998 BCNR33 GT-R and ER34 GT-t. Earlier gearboxes will require some synchro upgrades to meet this spec.

Standard ratios 3.214, 1.925, 1.302,
Kit ratios 2.695, 1703, 1.236,

*NOTE: Pictured is the complete 5 speed gear set for illustration purposes, this listing is for a 3 speed gear set*



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